BKR statement request

BKR statement request

Find out if you have a negative BKR registration in a few steps

BKR statement request? The Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR) keeps track of credits and loans of all consumers in the Netherlands. Want to take out a mortgage and find out if you are registered with the BKR? With the steps below, it is a piece of cake to see how you are registered with the BKR.

In the unlikely event that you are registered negatively and want to take out a mortgage, we can perform a quick scan for you.

How to request your BKR statement?

Want to see your BKR statement? Use the roadmap below to see if you have negative registrations. This is the case if an arrears code or particularity code has been mentioned.

Step 1: Go to the BKR website and log in with your bank account.
Step 2: Fill in the requested details like your name, email address and residential address.
Step 3: After logging in, you will immediately see your BKR registration. Would you like to receive a certified statement? Then BKR can send this by post for a fee. For a mortgage application with BKR coding, a print screen with details is sufficient.

Explanation video: Requesting BKR registration

Important: Click on the BKR statement to the details and then check whether the heading ‘Bijzonderheidscode’ is filled. A code in this block indicates a negative registration and are a problem when applying for a mortgage.


Remove BKR registration

Want advice on how to remove a BKR registration? Then contact us for help.


What the codes on your BKR statement mean

If you have requested your BKR statement and it appears that you have a registration, a certain letter or number code could appear on the screen. Such a code is used by BKR to see at a glance exactly what type of registration is involved. There are different BKR codes. This overview provides additional information about the concepts of the BKR system.

  • Code A: if you are in arrears.
  • Code H: if you have managed to catch up on payment arrears.
  • Code 1: if you are actively working to catch up on your arrears.
  • Code 2: if the lender demands the entire amount still to be paid (not just the overdue amount).
  • Code 3: if the lender decides to repay the amount internally or if the amount is waived.
  • Code 4: if you have been unreachable to your lender for a longer period of time.
  • Code 5: if you are slightly in arrears with your mortgage.
  • Code 9: if you have a legal dispute with your lender.


When will you be registered in the BKR?

Simply explained, you get registered if you borrow money for more than 1 month, and with a minimum amount of €250 for the financial products listed below:

  • Personal loans
  • Revolving credit
  • Mail order credit
  • Telephone subscriptions with instalment credit (telecom credit)
  • Overdrafts and overdrafts on payment accounts
  • Deferred payments
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Rental mortgages
  • Loans from a municipal credit bank
  • Operational car lease


Which debts are not registered with BKR?

  • DUO debts / student loans
  • Health insurer arrears
  • CJIB debts
  • Tax debts
  • A normal mortgage without arrears


Having your BKR code removed by a BKR specialist

Want to know what we can do for you? Request a free quick scan to see the possibilities of taking out a mortgage with negative BKR codes! We are mortgage brokers specializing in applications with BKR.


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