Expat entrepreneur mortgage the Netherlands

Expat entrepreneur mortgage the Netherlands

Mortgage for entrepreneur complicated?

Not for us! As an entrepreneur, it is also possible to apply for a mortgage in 2024, even if your business has suffered from corona or has been in existence for less than three years. The common requirement of submitting 3 years of information about your entrepreneurship is still the norm at many banks, yet there are also exceptions, which we know better than anyone. For example, you can apply for a mortgage even with 12 months of entrepreneurship. Also, the influence of corona on your annual figures can be explained to some lenders, allowing the income to be determined without the detrimental effect of corona.

Do you also wish to take out a mortgage as an entrepreneur? If so, we will be happy to help you apply for a mortgage. Even if your situation is a bit more complicated with a guarantee that you will have no advisory costs in case your mortgage application is rejected.


Tight mortgage rules for entrepreneur

There are, however, more and more banks that deviate from these tight rules. This can be the situation, for example, if you were already doing the same job as an employee and have been doing it independently for 1 year (12 months). Even in such a situation there are possibilities to take out a mortgage. In addition, there are banks that apply a deduction to the duration of entrepreneurship. In short, customization is the norm for you as an entrepreneur when obtaining a mortgage.

When is a forecast of the current fiscal year needed?
If you are looking for the limits of the maximum mortgage and at the time when you have been self-employed for less than three years. A forecast can also be useful to give an idea of your profits for the current year.

We recommend that everyone proactively prepare a forecast even if it is not requested by a bank. It can speed up the application process for your mortgage.

It also helps to provide interim figures for the current fiscal year.


Why is it more difficult to get a mortgage as an entrepreneur?

The starting point for providing credit such as a mortgage is that there must be steady income. This is a subjective concept and for this reason there are lenders who necessarily want to see annual figures for the last 3 years. Fortunately, there are more and more lenders who can help you if you have been self-employed for at least 12 months. Then your earning capacity from past employment is also included in the mortgage application.

Then there is also a translation of your annual figures into a test income. Also in that process, some income issues may or may not be included correctly. Consider, for example, maternity benefits from the UWV. Some lenders will not take this into account, while others will. The outcome can sometimes determine whether or not you can buy your dream home.

Fortunately, we have a black belt in mortgages and know where banks place the emphasis when determining the test income. In addition, entrepreneurs lack the social safety net. A salaried person can fall back on various social benefits. This is usually not the case for an entrepreneur or self-employed person.


Review door Jagjeet Dhaliwal 20-3-2024
Frank helped us throughout the purchase and mortgage process. His advise has been integral and very trustworthy throughout the process. Highly recommended and looking forward to collaborating more in the future!| Lezen op Advieskeuze


Bid certificate

During your house hunt as an entrepreneur, it is useful to have a certificate that you are already prepared for the mortgage application. With a bidding certificate, we certify that we have extensively reviewed your financial options, and that we consider your offer realistic to secure a mortgage for it.

This gives you an edge in negotiations with potential bidders who have not done their homework. If there are possibilities in your situation and we come to a cooperation then the bid certificate is included in the service.


No profit, but still a mortgage.

It could be the opening scene of a thriller. Our client opened a hair salon as a self-employed person and within weeks of starting, he was hit by a car while crossing the street. Because of the start of the business, all the focus had been on setting up the store, and not so much in taking out disability insurance.

So there were many expenses, but no sales. Our client underwent two years of rehabilitation, and in the meantime his expenses continued, including the rent for the premises. Admittedly, the other party was liable and, after much wrangling with the other party’s insurer, a commutation payment was agreed upon.

During the home buying process, he was only able to present annual figures at a loss. With proper substantiation and explanation, we managed to close a mortgage entirely in accordance with the wishes.


Overcrediting by Rabobank for a starting entrepreneur

The downside for a bank is that they can be sued for breach of their duty of care and excessive lending. A start-up entrepreneur filed a complaint with the Kifid about his mortgage taken out through Rabobank.

He took out a mortgage in 2010 with the help of his parents, despite being an entrepreneur for less than three years. Nevertheless, the customer at the time holds the bank liable for damages incurred when his business ran out of orders in 2015 and later and thus had no income.

The Kifid believes that the bank did its job well at the time and carefully considered this gentleman’s past earning capacity. There was also five years between the time the mortgage was granted and the problems. Therefore, the bank cannot be blamed for these income problems as a result of the mortgage loan.

Moral of the story; with good substantiation and realistic numbers, a mortgage application is possible.

[picon icon=”fa fa-angle-right” size=”huge” color=”text-color”] You can read the entire ruling with explanation here.


Fixed prices for entrepreneur mortgage advice

We work on a fixed price basis. Please inquire about a fixed price for your specific situation. In addition, we can also give advice remotely which also makes the price more advantageous. We give this efficiency back to you.

In addition, we have a digital customer portal through which the exchange of information is fast and reliable. We also work with banks and lenders digitally as much as possible. This reduces the chance of error and increases processing speed. As an entrepreneur, you are probably not averse to a smart and smooth application process. Make an immediate phone appointment for a customized price!


Mortgage application preparation you can do yourself

You can put a positive spin on your mortgage application yourself by observing proper preparation. You can think about specifically identifying your unique characteristics as a business owner. You may think of the following questions “How many clients do I have hard on paper in the coming months?”, “How is my pipeline progressing in the coming time?”, “What makes my revenue model unique?”, “What are the future opportunities in my industry?”.

Finally, you may write this down succinctly and back it up with a numerical budget. We also call this a forecast. If you don’t wish to do this yourself, that’s no problem either. We can take over that process for you. Then feel free to discuss this with a mortgage consultant from our office.

Providing interim figures also helps build confidence in a positive outcome.


Who is actually an entrepreneur?

The term entrepreneur has several synonyms. Terms such as : zzp’er, freelancer, entrepreneur, businessman, businesswoman and zmp’er are also used. A characteristic of entrepreneurship is that it involves more risk than a person doing salaried work. In return, there is a higher reward if the plans come to fruition compared to someone in salaried employment.

The definition of entrepreneur can also be broader. For example, a person can have a 20% equity interest, but not be a director. It also depends heavily on the lender when someone qualifies as an entrepreneur. Applying for a mortgage as an entrepreneur yields surprising results by comparing banks.

There can also be down years such as during the credit crisis. A large group of entrepreneurs were not to be envied then. Because of these possible changing incomes, this creates additional information in the assessment for a mortgage application. Also, the mortgage application process for an entrepreneur takes longer than for someone in employment. Unfair? Whatever we think about this, we take this processing time into account and therefore try to have complete documents as early as possible in the application process.


Various legal forms

As an entrepreneur, you have a choice of various legal forms in which to conduct your business. The most common legal forms are :

The sole proprietorship, here you are jointly and severally liable;
A BV, this legal form allows you to shield private assets from business risks if you follow the rules of the game;
General partnership, also called a Vof. Here, just as with the sole proprietorship, you run a private risk.

Expert mortgage advice for entrepreneurs

Our employees in the business department specialize in handling mortgage applications from entrepreneurs. We speak your language and understand the complexities.

We can also quickly look through your annual figures and give you a quick estimate of feasibility. For this we need insight into your annual figures and income tax returns.

What exactly does a bank look at when assessing your mortgage application? The following elements are important:

First of all, your operating result;
The solvency, which is the equity divided by the balance sheet total;
Your liquidity position is also important. This is the ratio of money you have now to short-term debt.
A forecast may also be needed to arrive at a good understanding of your business.

Annual figures and operating results

A bank granting you a mortgage will want some assurances about the affordability of the monthly expenses. As an entrepreneur, you have no fixed income. The security based on your income will be tested against your financial statements. The financial statements will show your operating results and the position of your business assets.

If, for example, these show a negative equity, this leads to points of discussion. Based on the operating profits an income is distilled to a usable test income. One reasons as follows. Past behavior is a good predictor for the future. So past profits are a good indicator of future profits.

Continue reading and you will find an example calculation of the determination of the test income. You will also read how the lender will further assess your mortgage application.



The solvency of a company is the equity expressed in the balance sheet total. The solvency shows how much equity is present against the debts of a company.

A healthy company has a solvency from 25%. With the tool below you can calculate solvency yourself. You can get the information from your financial statements. Then look up the pages where the balance sheet is shown. In the sample financial statements, you can find the balance sheet on pages 8 and 9.

If your company has a solvency below 25% then you should have an explanation for this. We can also make a translation of the figures with you and see what the solution might be. By the way, it is not a hard rule that you will not get a mortgage with a lower solvency. It only gives an indication.


Banks use liquidity to see if the company can pay its debts in the short term. Suppose your liquidity is too low, then in theory you would not be able to pay debts maturing in the short term (less than 1 year). This, of course, is also quite a problem. After all, then a supplier could file for bankruptcy in the worst case scenario.

A ratio greater than 1 is considered healthy, a ratio lower than 1 is considered unhealthy. Again, if you have a good explanation, we can work with you to see what possibilities there are.


Other documents

Checklist mortgage application for entrepreneur

The particularity of your mortgage application as an entrepreneur arises from your annual figures. In addition, the collateral must meet the acceptance criteria of the relevant lender. The entrepreneur desk will process your application only after having a clear picture of you and your business.


Processing time for banks mortgage application

The processing time for a mortgage application for entrepreneurs is different for each lender. We know the processing times on a daily basis. If you are in a hurry, we can also recommend a suitable lender that fits your time frame. This does not necessarily have to be the most advantageous lender.


Mortgage after 1 year self-employed | minimum 12 months entrepreneur

With more and more lenders it is possible to take out a mortgage if you have only been self-employed for 1 year. Feel free to read our article on this subject.


Entrepreneur for less than 3 years

So, as already described, it is possible to apply for a mortgage after 12 months of entrepreneurship. Yet not every bank applies this. In the overview below you can read the policy per lender.

Overview lenders policy for less than 3 years self-employed


Mortgage with NHG

Recently there has been a pilot for starting entrepreneurs / zzp’ers who have been self-employed for at least 12 months. This pilot was successful and approximately 1,000 mortgage applications were submitted and completed with various lenders. In March 2018, it was decided to permanently convert the pilot to policy.

This makes it possible for you as a start-up entrepreneur to apply for a mortgage with 14 additional lenders.


How does a mortgage application for entrepreneurs, zzp’ers and freelancers work?

In any case, you need to get an appropriate mortgage. Naturally, we will take this into account. If you wish to purchase a home, the first step is an appointment for an introductory meeting. During this meeting we will identify your wishes and needs and make a comprehensive analysis of your situation.

Next, we will accompany your application with a numerical substantiation of your business. This may include a look into the future with a profit or liquidity forecast. We translate your optimism to a prospective lender to enable the mortgage for your new home or new mortgage.


Forecast result

It is also best to back up a forecast with invoices and contracts if possible. There is no blueprint for a forecast, only it helps if the substantiation is plausible and prepared by an expert such as a tax advisor or accountant. During the mortgage application we will also inform you about the added value of a good forecast and how best to provide this substantiation.


Gross profit of your company

The mortgage application will take into account your gross profits from business. A lender will also assess whether the income you withdraw from your business is sufficient to meet the costs of your household. If you withdraw more than you earn, you will have negative equity.

Such a situation is undesirable and in most cases leads to a rejection of your mortgage application. If there is a good explanation for the creation of this negative equity then there is room to negotiate. This may be the case, for example, if you have invested part of the equity in the purchase or renovation of your home.

The income in the mortgage application is based on the average result of the last 3 years. For example :

Year Gross Profit
2023 € 86.312
2022 € 51.384
2021 €93.485

In the above example, the average profit is €77,060. The income will not exceed the profit from the last year. Suppose the income in the last year was € 55,000 then this is also the maximum income for the mortgage calculation. If necessary, an adjustment can be made with a forecast for the current fiscal year.


How much can I borrow as an entrepreneur?

The income we determined in the previous paragraph does not necessarily lead to the same outcome for all lenders. That’s crazy? Actually yes, only each lender applies its own color to the maximum mortgage for an entrepreneur.

Especially if you have been an entrepreneur for less than three years, this results in varying results. Also, a bank’s underwriter may correct your income with special income or expenses.


Buying a house

If you buy a house as an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with the so-called buyer’s costs. You can get an indication of these costs yourself using our calculation tool.


Validating your income

We have experts in-house who can validate your income from entrepreneurship or from your businesses. This saves time in the underwriting process. In some situations, for example if you apply for a mortgage with NHG, it is wiser and necessary to have your income validated by an external party. You will then receive a so-called income statement that is valid for six months.

This also saves time in the underwriting process and you will know faster whether you qualify for a mortgage as an entrepreneur. We will show you the best and fastest way to a solution.


What is a ZZP mortgage?

You may read various terms on the Internet about applying for a mortgage as a self-employed person. To be clear, all terms that refer to the various forms of business or entrepreneurial forms have the same basis. The income for you as an entrepreneur, zzp’er or flex worker are assessed in the same way.

However, there can be extreme differences between the various lenders. If you apply for a mortgage at bank X, the maximum mortgage at bank Y can be completely different. This has to do with the different glasses banks put on when assessing you as an entrepreneur. Strange? We think so too, but that’s just a fact of life. However, we can start from your desire to have the mortgage application fit your needs.


Lenders with explanation of conditions for entrepreneurs

We have selected the following lenders that offer a little more freedom in determining the income if you have been self-employed as a self-employed person or entrepreneur for less than three years. The description therefore applies to the situation if you wish to apply for a mortgage and have not yet been an entrepreneur for three years. This also includes if you start a new business and were also an entrepreneur for the previous 5 years, for example. Then entrepreneurship begins from the start date of the new enterprise.


Health insurance for self-employed workers mortgage application

If you apply for a mortgage around your maximum borrowing capacity, a bank may also ask how you cover certain risks. For example, around illness. Someone in employment has standard coverage from the employer and later the government. With an entrepreneur, there is no natural safety net there.

For this reason, a bank may request a copy of your disability insurance policy. Of course, it is also healthy to think about such a situation. After all, with a maximum mortgage, you also have a solid obligation. Need help with this process?


Negative equity in business

The basis is that you should have positive equity in your company. If it turns out that you have negative equity, this will lead to further discussions with the lender. We advise you to write down how this negative equity arose and how you wish to resolve it. For example, this may have been caused by a loss year during the crisis. Then the subsequent years have been positive, only the negative equity has not yet been resolved.

It is important to demonstrate that you have positive equity on balance. You may also demonstrate private funds for this, such as a savings account. And you must demonstrate that you do not withdraw more than you earn in the current year.


Current account management

Do you run your business in a BV and have withdrawn money through a so-called current account (RC for short) then the following provisions apply. This may differ per bank, but in general you can take these rules into account.

If the annual accounts show that you have an RC with your own BV or the BV of which he is indirect owner, the financing charges are set at 6% of the agreed limit. If the actual charges are lower then at least this bank will still take into account the said 6%. Thus, each bank will develop its own policy for this current account debt on the executive. Unfortunately, if your rc-direct represents a positive balance it is not counted as personal income.

If the amount of the rc-debt is less than €17,500 then you do not have to take this into account. More information about the impact of the current account debt by the DGA?


Multiple BVs

If you operate with multiple private limited liability companies, you also need to draw up an organizational chart. An organization chart is a schematic representation of your organization. It also clarifies who has which share in a BV.

If there are multiple BVs that are 100% owned by a holding or management company, consolidated financial statements are also required. In this way it is quickly clear to an underwriter how the organization as a whole is performing.


Emergency mortgage for entrepreneurs

Are you looking for an urgent mortgage? We offer you the possibility of an emergency procedure. It is then important to have a complete file. We recommend that you have the following documents ready:

annual figures of your company (companies) for the last 3 years;
your (and your partner’s) income tax returns for the last 3 years;
possibly a forecast for the current financial year.

Taking out a mortgage without annual figures

It is almost impossible to take out a mortgage without annual figures. This is only possible outside the regular banking circuit. However, you can apply for a mortgage if you have been self-employed for at least one year. Then it does not matter whether you work as a freelancer, self-employed person or serial entrepreneur.

If you buy a house together with your partner, it makes the mortgage application easier. After all, your partner’s income also counts for the assessment.


Which bank will give me a mortgage

That is the million dollar question! We cannot give a definite answer in advance because it really depends on your total and personal situation. What we can say about that is that we will do our best to find you the best mortgage.

Because of our experience and expertise, we often know how to determine a good line of march. In addition, we will of course consider interest rates and conditions in our advice.

Also, the outcome of the maximum mortgage can be different for each lender. Below we list characteristics of a number of lenders we work with.


Mortgage for medical specialist as entrepreneur

In a regular mortgage application, goodwill must be corrected for solvency. For a medical specialist, there are exceptions to this which mean that the solvency is not corrected for goodwill.


Wide choice of lenders for entrepreneur mortgages

We have a choice of about 40 banks and other lenders in the Netherlands to help you find a mortgage. First of all, we compare conditions and interest rates. Incidentally, the lowest interest rate is not blissful if it is offset by unfavorable conditions. We know these conditions and will give you full and honest information during a mortgage consultation.


With this lender it is possible to apply for a mortgage if you have been self-employed for at least 1 year. The test income is determined on the basis of the result from the annual figures and a comparison with the income tax return. It is also necessary to submit a forecast from your tax advisor or accountant. The longer you are self-employed the higher the percentage of your income that counts toward the mortgage application.

1-2 years: 75% of the result;

2-3 years: 90% of the result;

3 years: 100% of income, with a maximum of the last year.

This lender also has a special desk for top athletes and artists.


Aegon is also flexible for self-employed people. As a self-employed person, you can already take out a mortgage of 100% of the house value with one financial statement. A condition is that you take out National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). The test income is then determined by an independent accountant appointed by NHG.

Do you take out your mortgage without NHG? Then you can borrow up to 90% if you have three or more annual accounts. If you have two or more annual accounts, you may borrow up to 85% of the house value.


Florius is part of ABN Amro and has its own policy, but even with this lender there are opportunities to take out a mortgage if you have been an entrepreneur for less than three years. They more or less follow ABN Amro’s underwriting policy. Comparing mortgage rates and terms can sometimes be the difference between one provider and another.


An application as an entrepreneur with this bank is on a customized basis. For example, you must submit a forecast and resume so that a clear picture of your employment history is formed. The maximum income is then 80% of the established business income.

Nationale Nederlanden

If you have been self-employed as an entrepreneur for at least 1 year, it is also possible to take out a mortgage with Nationale-Nederlanden. With or without NHG. As a self-employed person starting out, you cannot submit annual figures for the past three years, which is why an income statement is drawn up to assess your mortgage application. The assessment will also look at income from salaried employment over the past three years along with it. Even if you are no longer employed this income will be taken into account.

NIBC Direct

NIBC Direct also allows a mortgage application for self-employed people who have been in business for between 1 and 2 years. An interest surcharge of 0.3% applies for the first ten years. Have you been active as an entrepreneur for between 2 and 3 years? In that case NIBC applies 90% of the average income. After three years of entrepreneurship, 100% of the test income may be included.


Obvion is part of Rabobank and applies the standard that you must have been self-employed for at least 2 years.


Rabobank also allows you to apply for a mortgage based on a minimum of 1 year of entrepreneurship. In addition to a forecast, you must also submit a statement for the current fiscal year. Rabobank’s business underwriter will then determine the income through an income statement.

Acceptance rules entrepreneurs Rabobank mortgage
Income from business Income that the entrepreneur or director-major shareholder can responsibly withdraw from the business annually for private purposes.

Income: – Entrepreneur or director-major shareholder who alone or together with (tax) partner has an ownership or control in the company of more than 50%: gross income evidenced by the income statement. – Director-major shareholder who alone or together with (tax) partner has an ownership or control in the company of 50% or less: gross income as evidenced by the salary slip/employer’s statement. Required document(s): – Entrepreneur or director major shareholder who alone or together with (tax) partner has an ownership or control in the company of more than 50%: income statement. – Director-major shareholder who alone or together with (tax) partner has an ownership or control in the company of 50% or less: a salary slip not older than 3 months and an employer’s statement not older than 3 months. 5.3.8 Income from minority participation Gross dividends received privately from a minority participation. A minority participation is defined as an equity interest of 50% or less in a non-listed company. This assumes the shareholding of the applicant and the (tax) partner together. The income from minority participation must be permanent and in a reasonable proportion to the applicant’s fixed income components. Income: lowest annual amount of dividends received over the past 3 years. Required document(s): – The shareholders’ meeting minutes with the dividend policy. – Proof of shareholding: notarized deed, statement from a member of the company’s board of directors or an extract from the shareholders’ register. – Proof that the applicant has received dividends in accordance with policy for the past 3 years. Income from other work Some “self-employed persons” do not have annual reports, such as freelancers, part-wage fishermen, pastors, council members and in the case of income as a caregiver from a personal budget. By personal budget we mean performing professional care and not care in the context of a family care situation (e.g. parent/child). The income appears in the income tax return as ‘income from other work’. On this basis you can determine the income. The applicant must have received this income from the same activities for at least 3 calendar years. Income: the average annual income over the last 3 full calendar years, up to a maximum of the annual income of the last calendar year. Required document(s): income tax returns for the last 3 calendar years



Tulp Hypotheken

This relatively new lender also offers a mortgage to entrepreneurs and self-employed people who have been entrepreneurs for at least 1 year. It can also then finance 100% of the market value. What are the requirements to take advantage of the offer of Tulp :

You must have started doing business before April 1 of the previous calendar year;
The salary income from the 2 previous years should also be assessed;
The determination of the test income is done by an independent validation institute. The test income is provided by means of a certificate that is valid for 6 months.

Tell us your entrepreneurial story!

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When you call us we will first discuss your situation. If it then clicks we will make an appointment, and only then will we talk about sending invoices. Of course it must make sense to make an appointment and to see if our expertise matches your wishes and needs.

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