Foreign partner buying house in the Netherlands

Foreign partner buying house in the Netherlands

Can my foreign partner and I take out a mortgage on a house for sale in the Netherlands? The answer to this question depends on whether you are married, your nationality, whether you have a valid residence permit and the purpose of the mortgage. Things get complicated if you are married abroad and your partner does not yet have a valid residence permit for the Netherlands. We will explain more in the article below.


Non-EU nationality and residence permit

If your partner is from a non-EU country and has not yet been granted a residence permit by the IND, it is a complicated situation to apply for a mortgage. Does it matter if the partner’s income is required? This is also an important factor, but it is not decisive.

Are you married? Especially if you are married, this is a dead end for lenders. However, there are ways of getting a mortgage. For example, even if you have a residence card from another EU country. This does not automatically entitle you to reside in the Netherlands, which makes lenders very cautious about mortgage applications. We deal with such mortgage applications on a case-by-case basis.

Why is this difficult?

Lenders see a risk in financing people who do not have permanent access to the EU and therefore may be temporary. This risk is obviously less if you are married and want to settle permanently in the Netherlands with your partner. However, it is still quite a challenge to get a mortgage in this situation.

Mortgage advisors specialising in expats and remigrants

Because of our specific experience, we can help Dutch people returning with their foreign partner to get a mortgage in the Netherlands. Based on our knowledge, we can often help you to apply for a mortgage for a property in the Netherlands in the course of a consultation.

Maximum mortgage

Some banks limit the maximum loan amount based on nationality. Not every bank does this and we can advise you on which bank best suits your specific needs.

My income is not in euros but in a foreign currency.

Can I get a mortgage in the Netherlands even if my income is not in euros? Of course, an income in so-called foreign currency can also be part of a mortgage application in the Netherlands. We have more information on this subject in this article.


Pre-approval certificate mortgage

Get a pre-approval certificate from our advisors – increase your chances of making the winning bid free of charge

Our pre-approval certificate states that we have carefully considered your application. We have calculated your maximum mortgage for your situation against the criteria of a wide range of providers. This gives the vendor greater certainty and gives you a head start in the bidding process.

Tell us your story

Would you like to take out a mortgage in the Netherlands with your foreign partner? Ask for a consultation to discuss your options.

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