Foreign pension mortgage The Netherlands

Foreign pension mortgage The Netherlands

If you have worked in different countries, you may have built up a pension abroad. Do you wish to take out a mortgage in the Netherlands because you are returning? Even with a foreign pension income, there are opportunities to take out a mortgage in the Netherlands.

Even if your pension has not yet started, we can include your foreign pension income in your mortgage application.

Required documents

Each country has its own documents and systems. The documents should ultimately clarify the level of income and the effective date. This applies both to regular pension funds or other pension products such as an annuity.

Thus, retirement age also varies from country to country. If you apply for a mortgage together with your partner, chances are also high that you do not have the same retirement age. For this reason, a solution should always be tailor-made.

Refinancing a mortgage

Do you own a house in the Netherlands and wish to refinance an existing mortgage? Even then this is possible on the basis of a foreign pension income.

Mortgage transfer conditions

The pension may be built up in various ways. This may also be through a pension fund, insurer or investment institution. What matters is that the payments are predictable for a duration of at least 10 years. If the term of the mortgage is shorter than 10 years, a shorter predictability than 10 years may also suffice.

For example, 401k plans from America are in most cases based on results from a mutual fund and in USD. Mortgage options are also available in these situations. All this depends entirely on your personal situation. US Social Security can also count as retirement income. On the basis of your Social Security Statement, we can read the amount of your expected retirement income and include it in your mortgage application.

Currency of pension income

The currency in which your pension will be paid is relevant and will be tested to ensure that it will not have large fluctuations in relation to your situation. Also relevant is the predictability of the pension income. A pension that operates solely on investments with no fixed income will be involved in the mortgage calculation in a defensive manner.

Tell us your story

If you would like advice on taking out a mortgage in the Netherlands based on your foreign pension, we would love to hear from you. Request an online introduction meeting now.

Good to know is that our remuneration depends entirely on the result. This makes it clear to you that our interests are aligned. Prior to the start of our services, we offer you a fixed fee.

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