Real estate agent The Hague for buying your dream home

Real estate agent The Hague for buying your dream home

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Real estate agent The Hague for buying your dream home? Or to buy in Scheveningen or one of the other beautiful neighborhoods in The Hague? At a fixed rate your dream house in Den Haag purchases with the help of our real estate broker’s.

Also fine: we work on the basis of no cure no pay, no house, no costs.

Why a buying agent, to enable?

With a buying agent of our office, you are an expert on your side representing your interests to focus on the retina. Even though the selling agent still so friendly and attentive, it is a partisan person. After all, the selling party is the client and pays his or her invoice. You may feel free to assume the situation that the command is to achieve the highest possible yield for the seller to realize.

You will in most cases compared to a well trained professional. Usually, this is also a member of a venue such as the NVM or VBO. This person is every day with the buying and selling of homes active and you probably don’t. The expertise and expertise of a broker to ensure a lead in the process. Also, negotiation is a daily activity.

We know how the game is played in The Hague, and can provide you hassle-free guide with the purchase of a home or apartment.

Where should I look for when buying a house in The Hague

At the time that a suitable property will it is useful to consultation. We can be your extra pair of eyes and from a distance, we can preliminary research. Certainly when time pressure is present. We can also accompany you during the tour of your potential future home. We know where to look and can provide relevant business wise.

During the buying process of your home, you can choose to have the property physically inspected. With a report in hand, you will know even more precisely what you are buying. Especially for older homes, or with a specific situation, this may be advisable. Think in this last example, the notorious Kwaaitaal and Mantavloeren. Also, comply with the conduct of a technical survey to your research duty as a buyer.

Asking prices and selling prices

That are of course two different concepts. On Funda, you can see what a property is asked for, only it is much more interesting to know what the actual selling prices are. You can also only determine the value of a house.

Of course, you can decide to pay a premium on top of the value to the house to get hold of, only then is that a conscious choice. Haphazardly make a bid is not wise. We will inform you about the value of a home. With help from a real estate agent The Hague for buying your dream home, you lower the risk of buying a pig in a poke.

Advice and strategy

As soon as your dream home is in the picture, we will help you with the preparation of a purchase recommendation. We will take with you the following topics :

  • Discuss appraised value;
  • The state of affairs of any HOA (homeowners’ Association);
  • Home inspection regarding the structural condition of the property;
  • Legal check and situation;
  • Acquisition strategy for the best negotiation result.

Independent buying agent

We work independent of the seller or its broker and can do this because we, for example, no homes are selling. The only guidance we provide. We are also not emotionally involved in your property and you will therefore honestly advise you on all relevant aspects.

Local real estate agent or national agent

In practice, buyers have to compare a buying agent the choice between a local or national broker. We work nationwide and find that fine work. With the so-called ‘big data’, we can press away all rational research into the value of a home. It is not necessary to know which brand lamppost in the district is used.

We can also during the visits the chat pot skip and can invest time to information about the property to identify and, to the heart of the matter.

Also, we believe it is especially pleasant that we are independent of local real estate agents can work. We come together not on the football or tennis club and have no personal relationship to maintain. This is purely and strictly business focused on your interest.

Fixed fee estate agent

We have a fixed affordable rate of € 1,750 for the buying service. That is a rate including VAT and without variable component. In addition, we work on the basis of no cure no pay. That makes your interests, our interests. Runs a purchased piece during the price negotiations then you have no costs.

Rate control contract

Would you like a part of the procurement process and do it yourself? That is also possible. So, we can press the key moments in the buying process to watch. We do this also, for example, if only the concept purchase agreement wishes to take and discuss. The rate for this is € 275 euro.

Popular neighborhoods in The Hague

Den Haag is in terms of population, the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands. If you have any doubts about living in Den Haag, spend especially a visit to “het Plein” and walk a lap of the Binnenhof you have to!

Free quick scan

Do you have a house in Den Haag and would you just discuss this property? Real estate agent The Hague for buying your dream home. Please call or send us a message with the address of this house. We will contact you to discuss your requirements and we will do a free of charge preliminary investigation of the property.

Response within 24 hours.
Often sooner.
We work nationwide
Visit at home free of charge.
All your information is 100% safe and secure.
We care about your privacy.

For having an indication of your future mortgage payments please contact us.

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