BKR coding mortgage application declined? Don’t panic.

BKR coding mortgage application declined? Don’t panic.

Help I have a BKR code with negative registration with the BKR, and just bought a house! That could be a showstopper. Maybe you’ve already had a rejection letter from your bank? Don’t panic, we can quickly assess your chances of a successful mortgage application. If you wish to transfer your mortgage, a BKR code also stands in the way. Even taking your existing mortgage with you may not be possible due to the coding.

With a free quick scan we can often give you quick insight. Request it right away and you will have clarity within one business day. At the end of 2022, more than 438,000 people were registered with arrears in the BKR database. So you are certainly not the only one.

By the way, the BKR is the abbreviation for Bureau Krediet Registratie. This is an agency that registers loans and credits of every consumer in the Netherlands on behalf of lenders. An exception is student debt, which is registered by DUO and is not visible in the BKR.

Can I still take out a mortgage with a BKR code?

This question is relevant because taking out a mortgage with a BKR code is not self-evident. Some lenders are extra strict and will not even consider your mortgage application after the detection of a BKR code. Only a rejection letter follows. Also, the image of customers with BKR codes is unfortunately negative.

Still, some banks are mindful of your personal situation. And of course it helps if a mortgage advisor stands by your side and puts forward your interest and situation as best as possible and thinks in terms of opportunities without prejudice. We know the rules of the lenders inside out. We are also in daily contact with the banks’ underwriters and in touch with the market. Image formation is also very important, and with BKR codes, negative images quickly loom large.

This is why we invest a lot of time in a thorough preparation of your mortgage application and getting to know you. Through a quick scan, we can quickly go over your situation and tell you what our assessment is on closing a mortgage. If we see an opportunity in a positive conclusion of the mortgage application, we will discuss with you what the possibilities are and also come up with a plan B if necessary. Below you can read some customer experiences where we managed to close a mortgage with – a set of heavy – codes.

In many cases, we use a two-track approach to still bring your mortgage to a positive conclusion! So it may be necessary to start with a removal request for your coding, or we can start the mortgage application immediately. This depends entirely on your situation and time frame. In any case, we offer a total solution to take out a mortgage with BKR coding.


BKR mortgage interest rate

Do I pay a usurious interest rate if a lender still wants to provide a mortgage because of my BKR code? No. This is fortunately not the case. If you receive an offer, you will pay the same interest rate as your neighbor. By the way, we only work with regular lenders with impeccable reputations. However, the very cheapest providers are also the most strict lenders. Therefore, it makes no sense to apply for a mortgage with these providers on a custom basis. So the bottom line is that you will be offered a neutral mortgage rate just like everyone else.


Reason for BKR coding

There are several personal circumstances that can cause you to temporarily face payment problems. Some of the most common causes that can cause you to temporarily incur late payments and BKR coding are as follows in our practice:

A divorce that leaves you facing double charges, an ex-partner who stops paying or starts costly legal proceedings.
Illnesses that cause you to drop out such as addiction and depression or traffic accidents.
Being hit as a business owner during Corona or the global credit crisis.
Victim of the benefits affair/Tax Office which left you trapped in the government systems and as a result unable to pay bills on time.
An ex-partner who displayed financially unhealthy behavior by taking on debts or registering them in your name.
Having temporarily lost track of mail and current obligations due to moving abroad.
Past overindebtedness that is still impacting your current situation. Years ago, applying for credit was relatively simple. As a result, many consumers were saddled with expensive credit and loans that were actually irresponsible. This history carries a person for years.

If you are dealing with such a situation, we can give you insight into mortgage options. The fact that you have been dealing with such a situation is critical to obtaining a mortgage. Ultimately, it’s all about your entire situation now and your past situation that makes it possible for you to qualify for a mortgage.


BKR registration and coding difference

First, for the sake of understanding, it is helpful to explain what the difference between a registration and coding is. Almost all types of loans and credits are registered with the BKR in Tiel. This could be a so-called telecom credit for your cell phone or a shipping house credit from Wehkamp or a car loan. It also tracks whether you pay the periodic payments for these loans and credits on time.

In principle, a registration with the BKR is not a problem. However, an arrears code can cause problems when applying for a mortgage. In short, being known to BKR is not an issue. As long as it does not become a negative registration.

Many lenders are strict and see your past payment behavior as a good predictor of future payment behavior. Each mortgage application also includes a standard BKR check. Your “payment morale” should therefore be in order.

Is study debt also registered with the BKR?
Study debt through the government is not registered with the BKR.

If you have followed a private study and borrowed money for this from a bank or credit company, then these debts are registered. For example, the cost of training to become a pilot


How do I know if I am registered with the BKR?
You can request your registered information from the BKR. You can do this conveniently online through the BKR website

From what amount are loans registered in the CKI?
Every loan with an amount above €250 is registered. This can also be an overdraft on your checking account or a credit card with a spread payment option.”


Recovery notification

It is important, however, that there are no more current arrears. This also makes sense, because otherwise you will not be able to demonstrate that you have insight into fulfilling agreements made with lenders. If you have resolved the arrears of an A code, an H will appear in your BKR statement. For particularity codes such as a 2, 3 or 4, an H notice does not appear.

Another important fact is that there should not be too much time between the origination of the arrears and their resolution. For example, if there are several years in between, it is an indication to a lender that you have been lax in fulfilling this obligation. Of course, there may be a good reason for this, which is then up to you to prove.


Mortgage with negative BKR registration

A negative registration has to do with a late payment on a financial obligation such as a loan, credit or mortgage. So it is first important to know why and when you incurred this negative registration.

For a positive mortgage application, it also matters how you got into this situation and dealt with it. A lax attitude from the past will cost you dearly because lenders will be radical in their rejection. If it turns out that you have done everything possible to repay your debt and can provide detailed communication and explanations about this, a completely different picture emerges.


Maximum mortgage based on BKR registration

The registration of your loan or credit counts when assessing your maximum mortgage. Approximately 33% of your income may be used for housing according to loan rules. If it turns out that you have a loan or private lease contract, for example, this will affect your maximum mortgage calculation.

An example: a young lady of 26 buys a house for the first time and has an annual income of € 32,400 and wishes a fixed interest rate period of 10 years. This lady can get a mortgage of € 146,500 without a BKR registration and thus loan. If this lady has a loan of € 10,000 then the maximum mortgage is suddenly € 96,047. In short, she can suddenly get about € 50,000 less in mortgage because of a € 10,000 loan.



Have you accumulated a code as a result of a debt restructuring program? The moment you have gone through a legal debt restructuring process and you have received a clean slate at the end, you will also immediately receive a particularity code. Usually an A3 if the creditor has made a write-off as a result of the WSNP.

Then the five-year term starts and together with the legal WSNP term, you now have eight years of your life under credit restrictions. That is a particularly long period of time. Even in such a situation, depending on your circumstances, there are then opportunities to apply for a mortgage. After 1 year of the end of the WSNP, there are opportunities to apply for a mortgage.

Even if you have not been admitted to a debt settlement, for example, you can present your case. For example, because you were wrongfully blacklisted by the Tax Office.


arrears coding

If you have been coded in the past due to payment problems, this coding will remain visible for 5 years. This period starts from the moment the coding is reinstated, i.e. from the moment you have caught up with your payments and have cleared your arrears.

The BKR has various types of codes ranging from A1 to A4:

An A1 coding (coding 1) is a coding that occurred after arrears were cleared and an arrangement was made to resolve the arrears. With this coding, a “recovery coding” is possible.
An A2 coding also refers to arrears in which the creditor can claim the claim in its entirety at once. For example, your assets may also be seized;
If you have an A3 coding, in most cases the lender has written off at least € 250 on the claim and does not expect to be able to collect the loan in its entirety. This code also remains visible for at least 5 years after the end date. It is also possible that no write-off has taken place. In that case, the end date on your statement is not the same as the arrears date.
If you have an A4 coding, the lender has no information about your current whereabouts and is unable to get in touch with you. Only in demonstrable cases of fraud, such as telecom fraud, where you have been victimized is it still possible to get a mortgage with this A4 coding.
With an A5 coding, you have entered into a preventive payment arrangement with the creditor that is temporary in nature. As soon as the payment arrangement is settled, this coding disappears.

BKR data free of charge?

You can check the BKR website to see what credits and codes there are. Banks and lenders can also obtain information about BKR. An example of how you are known to the BKR is shown in this overview.

Since the introduction of the AVG, it has been mandated by the BKR to provide registrants with free access to registered data. Until May 25, there was only paid option to access your data.

You can quickly and simply download an overview yourself from the BKR website.


Taking out a mortgage with BKR coding

Want to know how and if you qualify for a mortgage with BKR coding? Then there are still often possibilities if you have a good explanation or explanation. This may, for example, be related to a difficult period or involving administrative issues. Even if you buy a house together and the other partner does not have a code, this can be an extenuating circumstance.

If you have an A3 or A4 coding, it is particularly difficult to take out a mortgage. Unless there are demonstrable mistakes made by the reporting agency or there is another logical explanation for the report, there is room for discussion. You can read more about a BKR A3 code in this article.

We recommend putting this explanation in writing. It may help to put the events in chronological order and explain what you did to solve the problem and explain the cause of the coding. Sometimes it happens that the reporting agency mistakenly used a coding or used the wrong mailing address.


Is it convenient to apply for a mortgage from multiple banks at the same time?

Most loan and mortgage providers will check you against the BKR. Not only can you then see if there are or have been arrears. They can also look 15 days into the past to see if you have also applied for a mortgage or other financial product from other lenders.

That could potentially signal additional credit risk. In short, if you have any doubts about registration first request a statement and discuss it with a mortgage broker. Of course, we are happy to help you with this process. This is better than haphazardly submitting as many mortgage applications as possible; with that you shoot yourself in your own foot. You can also read about this in a brochure from the BKR for providers of financial products.


Where mortgage advice for BKR mortgage?

You need look no further. We specialize in reviewing mortgage applications with a negative BKR code. So does it matter what kind of coding I have? Actually, it doesn’t matter for our work since we assess your situation properly first. In fact, you can get a heavy coding behind your name because of a small problem. Suppose you have an A3 coding while your explanation and situation has to do with a dire situation, there are still possibilities.

Shadow banks do not allow coding

A number of new providers have entered the market in recent years. Many of them offer mortgages at cheap interest rates. Unfortunately, these banks are relentless about having a BKR code. The investors who provide these banks with funding (money) want low-risk mortgages so that these portfolios can be easily sold.

What this means for you is that these lenders are off limits if you are dealing with a lagging code. By the way if you get a binding offer from a bank you will pay the same interest rate offered compared to customers without BKR coding. Thus, you do not pay a surcharge in the mortgage interest rate.


Take out a mortgage with NHG and BKR coding

A mortgage with NHG is also possible with a BKR coding if it meets the following requirements :

A or A1 coding where:
a statement from the BKR shows that a recovery code (H) is listed;
it appears that the loan in question has been repaid;
according to a statement from the relevant lender, the arrears have been cleared or the loan has been repaid;
Paragraphs b and c do not apply if a mortgage loan has been repaid because of a residual debt on this loan.
A BKR code is also not an obstacle if codes 2 to 4 disappear from the BKR no later than on the effective date of the mortgage due to prescription.

You can read more about taking out a mortgage with NHG in combination with a negative BKR code in this blog.


BKR coding divorce

It sometimes happens that a code arises because of a divorce. For example, because there is a fighting divorce and you or your ex does not pay the mortgage on time.

If there is a (v)divorce then this is a good reason to make an attempt for a mortgage application.

Feel free to discuss with us the possibilities of how to prepare the mortgage application. Through our experience we can quickly inform you whether a situation is feasible.


BKR registration and NHG residual debt

Are you selling your home at a loss and was the mortgage on this home taken out with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)? Then a residual debt arises and the bank reports this to the BKR. Because you have an NHG mortgage, the Home Ownership Guarantee Fund will pay the residual debt to the lender – only under certain conditions. In most situations, you will then receive an A3 coding because of the NHG residual debt.

In this way, you are debt-free and no longer have a residual debt. However, a special registration with the BKR will follow because of the write-off of this debt. Should you decide to buy a house again, you can also take out a mortgage with NHG. However, this does not apply to every lender. Some banks do not follow the NHG rules. They have that freedom.

Somehow it is strange that this write-off leads to a BKR registration because you are using insurance. Still, this is already an improvement from a previous situation. Back then you did not get a special A5 registration, but a general registration. This sometimes made it impossible to take out a new mortgage at all.

If NHG does not waive the loss on home sale, you will be left with a residual debt and the loss will be your responsibility. If you pay off this residual debt for which you take out a loan and thus enter into a financial obligation, you will get a listing with the BKR.


When do I get a arrears code on a mortgage?

A mortgage is not registered with the BKR by default. Unless there is a payment default. If you are more than three months in arrears in paying your mortgage burden, an A-coding occurs.


Who can register your BKR coding?

Participating parties in the BKR are banks, shipping houses such as Wehkamp and Otto, financial lease companies, telecom providers such as KPN and T-mobile.

Landlords and energy companies are not participants in the BKR and do not register arrears or credits. Also the DUO, the agency where your student loan may run is not a participant.


How long does a BKR code last?

After you catch up or pay off the arrears, you will receive a so-called recovery notification. This is also referred to as an H-code. Only from the moment the arrears have been “recovered” does a period of 5 years start to run. Depending on the type of registration and also the type of financial product, it is difficult or extremely difficult to take out a new financial product.

Assessing your eligibility for a mortgage involves a complete assessment of your situation.


Quick scan mortgage application with BKR coding.

Interested in buying a home or refinancing your existing mortgage with a BKR coding? Fill out the form below and include relevant information. We will then assess the feasibility of a mortgage application during a quick scan, free of charge.

It helps a lot if you send us an overview from the BKR about the registration of your loan(s).


Can I undo my BKR registration?

The BKR has a dispute committee that handles complaints if you believe the BKR registration was done incorrectly. First, you must file a complaint with the agency that made the report. Only if this agency refuses to adjust the registration can you go to the BKR Disputes Committee. You can also ask the civil court to undo the report.

Usually a lawsuit only happens when there is an urgency to remove the BKR registration. For example, if you have bought a house and the financing condition is in question.


Interim injunction removal BKR coding

If you believe that the coding is unjustified and are in a hurry, you can ask the court to give an opinion. This can be done by means of a so-called summary procedure in which the case can be presented to the court very quickly.

The cost for such a process is allin €3,000. This also includes the costs for the court registry. If you would like more information about this, please let us know. Just realize that you run a litigation risk and that even with the best story you can still end up with a disappointing judgment.

If you lose the case, in most cases you will also have to pay the other party’s costs.


Does my code have to be removed before I can apply for a mortgage?

If we see a good chance of successfully completing your mortgage application, the coding does not have to be removed. These processes may also continue to run in parallel. So it is quite possible to get a mortgage application approved with an A or A2 coding without having it removed. In many cases, the coding disappears during mortgage application process. We will inform you about our approach and procedure during an introductory meeting.


BKR term becomes 3 years

Currently there is a law in the making (Credit Registration System Act) that ensures that the government gets a better grip on BKR code registrations. It may be hard to believe, only there is currently no legislation for such registrations. The current credit registration was created by mutual agreements with banks that jointly created a foundation and devised their own rules of the game.

An important point from this law is that the government legally wants to shorten the term of BKR codes from 5 to 3 years. This is good news for many people with negative BKR codes. As a result, you will be rid of this coding sooner when the law takes effect.


Does complaining about your BKR registration make sense?

Judging from the 2017 rulings handled by the BKR Disputes Committee, this seems like a worthwhile exercise. There were 17 rulings issued by the BKR in 2017 by the Dispute Resolution Committee, 13 of which vindicated complainants in whole or in part. So that ended positively in more than 75% of cases.

Many complaints are dealt with at a preliminary stage by the chairman of the disputes committee. These complaints are then not heard at a hearing and are settled in writing.

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