Mortgage application in the Netherlands declined?

Mortgage application in the Netherlands declined?

Just bought your dream house in the Netherlands and now your mortgage application is declined? What is the next step to turn this rejection into approval? Read this article to understand why your application is rejected and what you can do to increase your chance of getting your mortgage application approved.

No problem, we have good experiences with arranging a mortgage. Based on a second opinion, we can quickly inform you about the possibilities.

Why has your mortgage application been rejected?

It is good to know the reason for rejection. It sounds strange, but often this information is relevant to the right solution. A ground for rejection at one bank need not necessarily be the same at other banks. And to make it sound stranger; Sometimes we receive approval on the mortgage application from the same lender where you received a rejection.

It is also good to know that we are not afraid of a special or difficult situation. However, you must realize that the rejection in a mortgage application often comes at a (too) late time in the application process. Stress and consultation with the seller, if you buy a house, are therefore inevitable our experience.

This allows us to unburden you when we see opportunities for a positive mortgage application. If it has to be done quickly you can take a so-called emergency mortgage advice. Then there is clarity about the feasibility within 1 working day. We understand that you want to be clear as quickly as possible, also because you have made agreements with the seller. This uncertainty can also cause them concern.

Client review 19-08-2022
We had various issues with another advisor company who couldn’t seem to provide any support to some of the challenges we were facing and then almost willing to give up, we found Frank and stepped over to him. Throughout the process, he managed to arrange everything for us in a very short and stressful period of time and gave us some peace of mind. He helped us with every document and answered every single question we had. As first time buyers we were not aware of much about the process but Frank walked us through each step. We are so appreciative and highly recommend Cournot ! Read the entire review on Advieskeuze
Client review 13-04-2022
I cannot express enough our gratitude for the professional way Ferdinand and the team (Kelsey, Caroline) have helped us in the last hour of being so close of losing the house we placed a bid for. Ferdinand reacted very quickly on our request for help, was patient to listen to our situation, provided professional and clear advice that gave us finally (after long weeks following an unprofessional advice from another advisor) a sense of calm and clarity. You can see at all times on your online case what documents there are needed, therefore communication was very important to us, which Ferdinand and the team have delivered more than we have hoped for. Within no time, we got our credit approved and continue to be properly guided in the next steps thereafter. I will continue to recommend Cournot services at any time and to anyone I come in contact with. Happy that our collaboration does not stop here after the credit is approved, as Cournot will continue to be our advisors for any bank related topics. Thank you again Ferdinand & team!!!| Read the entire review on Advieskeuze
Client review 02-02-2022
My first mortgage for 100% LTV, with multiple advisors, was rejected due to lack of strong financial evidence in the paper work. With just two weeks left to contractually inform the seller about the outcome of mortgage, I was left clueless and shattered about possibly losing a home and was possibly staring at square 1. After a desperate search on google, I stumbled across the website of Cournot Advisors. As a hopeless attempt, I dropped a message in the contact form at around 7pm on on 17-January and Ferdinand mailed me on the same day for basic documents check. Fast forward to 26-Jan that also includes a weekend, my mortgage was approved and I also received a discount on interest! Thanks to the tenacity and professionalism of Ferdinand and Kelsey, the whole process went like a breeze and was super swift, given the tight situation. I cannot thank Ferdinand and Kelsey enough for unparalleled service, you have opened up new possibilities for me—as an expat. I would highly recommend Cournot not only for complex cases, but also for the “usuals” if your are looking for a mortgage Expert and for a simply great experience with securing mortgage. Looking forward to be a home owner, thanks!| Read the entire review on Advieskeuze
Client review
Excellent, quick and efficient service, very knowledgable. They were available to answer all questions and got us a very good rate. | Read the entire review on Advieskeuze

Reasons why a bank declines your mortgage application

In the list below you can find a number of reasons why the lender of your first choice has rejected the mortgage application:

  1. You have a poor credit history and BKR coding, in the Netherlands, this is monitored by the BKR organization.
  2. The valuation of your house is lower than your purchase price;
  3. Your income is not in Euro;
  4. The residence permit does not qualify.

Mortgage rejected at the last minute

In practice, we regularly see that the rejection of your mortgage application is announced at the last minute. Then the financing reservation has almost expired and you are standing with your back to the wall. Then you need to get started quickly in order to get an assignment from another lender.

You can also consult us if you still have to work at the last minute for a mortgage application.

A piece of cake for bleeding is that you already have a complete set of documents required for the mortgage application in this phase. Because of our experience, we can quickly oversee your case and provide you with the correct mortgage advice.

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