Probation period mortgage The Netherlands

Probation period mortgage The Netherlands

You are making a fresh start, new job and a new house! Only one problem, you are still in your probationary period and applying for a mortgage in The Netherlands is then difficult. Impossible? No.


When is it possible to apply for a mortgage within the probationary period?

If you are working under a flexible employment contract. You must also have had income from employment in the years prior to the current year. This should be proved by means of annual statements. An alternative way to prove income is by means of a UWV insurance report.

If you want to take out a mortgage within your probate period, customization is always required. Therefore, simply contact us to discuss your case. We have an online introductory meeting set up quickly.


What is a flexible employment relationship?

Under NHG mortgage rules, a flexible worker is defined as the following:

  • seasonal work;
  • temporary work;
  • on-call or casual work;
  • a fixed-term employment contract without a letter of intent;
  • an employment contract where the probationary period has not yet expired;
  • or a combination of the preceding elements.

Is this possible with all lenders?

Depending on your complete situation, one lender may provide a mortgage and another may not. We know the rules and cooperate with dozens of banks and lenders in the Netherlands. This enables us to quickly provide a clear picture of the possibilities and impossibilities.


Why don’t I get approved for my mortgage application during the probationary period?

Lenders see this period as a risk of loss of income. Even with a good explanation of your situation in the scenario of losing your income, this is a bridge too far. Most mortgage applications made within the probate period are rejected.

You can, of course, start applying for a mortgage during the probationary period and then come to a conclusion just after the probationary period ends.

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